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What is the CTWUG Finance System?

We realise that when you or your area make certain backbone links or put up sectors, you might be incurring personal costs for the benefit of others and/or CTWUG. For this reason, CTWUG runs a finance system, which allows you to apply for finance assistance from the committee should you feel that your upgrade / installation project has an impact on the WUG as a whole and a number of users will benefit.

To this end we provide two means of support for projects on CTWUG.

1. We allow donations to be made to a specific area by anyone.

When making a donation, simply specify what area you would like the donation to be used for. It is then recorded on the Finances site as a donation to be used in that area. This money is then available as is to the area projects (with committee approval). This means if you suddenly need an RB to replace a faulty one in your area, and your area has enough funds, you can approach the committee to allocate the funding donated to that area to this cause.

2. We allow project owners to apply for finance specific to a project.

By completing the CTWUG project finance form, you can apply to have your specific project This is beneficial because, if approved by the committee, it could qualify for 50% finance assistance. In other words, if your project is going to cost R1000, the committee will put R500 towards it once you have raised R500 in donations. In some cases, projects may even be 100% financed by CTWUG should the impact be deemed large enough.

Donations that don't specify an area or specific project are 'unallocated' and used for the general upkeep of CTWUG.


- Request for project finance is looked at by the committee on a case by case basis using impact analysis. Some requests may be rejected if the cost is too high for the number of users affected. If this is the case, you would need to use the normal donations system as in (1) above to raise your funds.

- Area funding is ultimately controlled by the committee. If you feel you have a need for access to this funding, application can be made to the committee by email or IRC.

- The vice chairman is your go-to person for additional information around the finance system.

How to Apply

1. Download and complete the finance project form from here.
2. Complete the form in detail.
3. Submit it by email to
4. You will receive an answer by email.
5. If successful your project will be loaded onto the finances website for tracking.