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We have two different types of CTWUG Mailing Lists. You can subscribe or unsubscribe at any time. We use these lists for vital communication and updates regarding the workings of CTWUG

Global Mailing List

Subscribe to the CTWUG Mailing List for Important Announcements and the monthly CTWUG Newsletter.

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Groups are used on CTWUG for a specific group of users. They are hosted on Google Groups

The following CTWUG Groups exist:

ctwug_areacontacts - Used for the CTWUG CTWUG First Contacts
ctwug_admin - Used for the CTWUG Admins
ctwug_bank - Used by the committee for the CTWUG Banking administration.
ctwug_comms - Used to email the CTWUG Committee
ctwug_dns - Used for DNS and domain management by CTWUG Admins
ctwug_donations - Used for Proof of Payment and Donation allocation requests.
ctwug_network - Used for OSPF Requests and network administration.