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CTWUG needs an active group of administrators to help maintain the complex network of over 400 router devices and accompanying network services. This task is split between two groups: Services Administrators and Network Administrators. The tasks and constituents of each group are detailed below to help you know who to speak to. Any wugger may apply to become an administrator - please speak to the Technical Officer if you are competent and interested.

The Technical Officer is responsible for maintaining the administrator teams, and is the principle guardian of all CTWUG owned infrastructure and data. If you have any concerns with the administrators listed below, please approach the Technical Officer, or the Committee directly.

Please note this document does not fully encompass the administration of privately owned high sites. Those will have their own administrative policies in addition to what is documented here.

Network Administrators

Network Administrators possess CTWUG Radius logins, providing them administrative access to all router devices involved in carrying transit traffic for CTWUG, ie. OSPF routers. Additionally they have administrator access to WiND, and physical access to CTWUG owned high sites. No additional access to infrastructure or data is granted by CTWUG.



Any tasks outside of the below list will only be performed with express notification to and permission from the high site owner(s) and/or the Committee.

CTWUG owned High Sites

  • User additions and deletions.
  • IP address management.
  • Physical infrastructure maintenance.
  • Radio tuning.
  • Routing.
  • Node certification.
  • Documentation.

Privately owned High Sites

  • Optimising, installing, and disabling CTWUG OSPF configurations.
  • Node certification inspection and reporting.

Services Administrators

Services Administrators have to maintain all core network services. These include:

  • Radius
  • DNS
  • NTP
  • WMS
  • The web site
  • E-mail
  • WiND
  • OpenID
  • The wiki

As a result, they have access to all CTWUG data and infrastructure, including personal information of CTWUG Members. Their privileges give them the ability to act as Network Administrators, if necessary. Services Administrators are legally bound by the CTWUG NDA.



WIND Admins

WIND Administrators have to maintain the WIND page. These include:

  • Nodes (inactive/active)
  • DNS Entries
  • Links

As a result, they have access to user data. Which may contain personal information such as email's and contact numbers.