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How to setup your PTP Link

OK, so now you’ve bought your kit and assembled it. You have put it up outside and aligned it to the closest highsite. What now?

You have probably spoken to an admin or representative about connecting to the highsite, and he probably asked you for your MAC and gave you some IP’s. Where do you get the MAC and what do you do with the IP’s?

The following steps are to do the setup for a basic ptp link to an highsite:

Step 1: Name your wireless interface


1) Open Winbox

2) Click on Wireless

3) The interface shown should be the radio(CM9 or R52) that you will use to connect. Double-click on the interface to get the above screen. Go to the ‘General’ tab

4) To make it easier for yourself and anyone else, change the name to something meaningful, like 27dBi Grid or 20dBi panel or whatever you use to connect

5) The MAC Address you see is the MAC of the radio. Copy this and give it to the admin/representative that is helping you

Step 2: Name your LAN interface

This step is also just for yourself and everyone else that will access your rb


1) In Winbox, click on Interfaces

2) You should now see at least 2 interfaces

3) Look for the Eth1 interface and double-click on it. Change the name to something meaningfull, like LAN

Note: If you are using a different ethernet port to connect to your rb, like Eth2 or Eth3, then change that one so that in the end only the name of the port you are using is changed

Step 3: Setup your RB wlan IP address

The admin/representative gave you some IP adresses. One will be your IP range , one will be the radio IP and the other one will be your gateway, for example: IP range –, radio IP – and gateway IP – . So where do you put this in?


1) Click on IP – Addresses

2) The list that opens up should be empty. You will put in the two IP’s as in the example above.

3) Click on the ‘+’ sign

4) In the Address field, add the IP range that was given to you, like . In the Interface drop-down list, choose the ethernet connection you are using, like Eth1 or LAN(if you changed the name). This means the LAN port will have the IP of . The /29 is required to determine your network and broadcast IP’s

5) Click on apply

6) The network and broadcast IP’s will be added automatically

7) The IP’s that you can use are the IP’s between the network and broadcast IP’s, so for the example above I can use till and the LAN is .48.14

8) Click OK

Step 4: Setup your RB ethernet IP address


1) Click on the ‘+’ sign again to add another IP

2) This is the IP for the radio that connects to the highsite. We always try to use the last available IP in your range for this to keep everyone’s rb to the same standard. In the above example the available IP’s are from till, so we use the .48.14 one for the radio IP

3) In the Address field input the radio IP. The network and broadcast IP’s are BOTH the gateway IP that you were given. Input those yourself and make sure the tickbox is ticked. In the Interface drop-down list select the wireless interface, 27dBi Grid or whatever you named it

4) Click Apply

5) Click OK

Step 5: Add the wug routes to your RB

Adding the route for all 172.18.x.x traffic


1) Click on IP – Routes

2) In the Route List that opens up there will already be two routes – one for the LAN interfcae and one for the wireless interface. All that is still required is an route to make sure all 172.18.x.x traffic goes to your gateway

3) Click on the ‘+’ sign

4) In the Destination, add . That is the route for all 172.18.x.x traffic

5) In Gateway add the gateway IP that you were given, like

6) Click on Apply

7) Click on OK

Step 6: Configure your pc's ip address

That concludes the basic setup on the rb. Now you still have to setup your network connection on your PC.


1) Choose an IP for your PC in the IP range that was given to you

2) Open your network connections and go to the TCP/IP properties

3) Select Use the following IP address

4) Add the IP you chose for your PC, like

5) The subnet mask depends on the range you were assigned. If you have an /29 range the subnet is , but if you have an /28 range the subnet is

6) The Default gateway for your PC is your rb’s IP address, in this case

7) DNS settings must be

8) Click on OK on all open windows to assign the IP to your PC

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