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High Site: Sneaki
WIND: Sneaki
Head Admin: Sneaki
Co Admins: Ogon
Location: Goodwood
Back Bone Links: Mars, KM


In the beginning it was just to be connected to the CTWUG but I found this was not enough. I have learnt a lot from the CTWUG experience and would like to pass this onto other people as well. This node was setup in November 2011 with the main goal of getting more wuggers to join in the CTWUG community. Currently trying to get two backbone links running and also got a 5.8GHz sector for clients to connect to. Of course if you are thinking of connecting to this node please note the idea is to expand and create more links, hence i hope the connectees will follow course.

Check out our website (wug only access)

KM, KMSquare, AirWolf and most of Goodwood area form a community within the CTWUG called the KM Group.

KM Group Services:
DC Hub -
TeamSpeak Server -

Sneaki RB interfaces

Main links

Sneaki - Mars

Sneaki - KM

Sneaki - IAlloy

Sneaki - OPEN interface

  • BB: 27dBi R52nM MikroTik radio 5.8Ghz Vertical grid
  • SSID: sneaki-test-bb

Sneaki - Pierre

Sneaki - Yeti-NE

  • BB: 24dBi R52nM 433 MikroTik radio 5.8Ghz Vertical grid
  • SSID: sneaki-yeti-ne

Access Point 1

  • Band 5GHz-A
  • Frequency 5865
  • Wireless protocol - NV2 nstreme (during test scans keep wireless protocol as "Any")
  • Frequency Mode superchannel
  • Nstreme is enabled


Access Point 2

  • Band 5GHz-A/N
  • Frequency 5200
  • Wireless protocol - NV2 nstreme (during test scans keep wireless protocol as "Any")
  • Frequency Mode manual-txpower
  • Nstreme is enabled


Access Point 3

  • Band 5GHz-A
  • Frequency 5180
  • Wireless protocol - NV2 nstreme (during test scans keep wireless protocol as "Any")
  • Frequency Mode manual-txpower
  • Nstreme is enabled



Usage Range

IP Sub Ranges
IP Range Allocated to Network IP RB IP Broadcast IP Usable IPs Status Kockott 6 Active Yster 6 Active Unallocated 6 Available Deharmonic 6 Active Unallocated 6 Available Django 6 Active Callisto 6 Active jacquesvdw 6 Active Unallocated 6 Reserved Unallocated 6 Reserved

RB Availibility

rb3 device two ether ports open
rb6 device two ether ports open and two interface cards open

Wug Log

Aug 2011 Started the project, connected to KM Node (grid to sector)
Sep 2011 Connected to Steamer, grid to panel
Oct 2011 Added new 31 dbi grid for new backbone (testing)
Nov 2011 Added grid on steamer side, grid to grid
Dec 2011 Testing to Johnny node for new backbone
Jan 2012 Add direct current to routerboard to increase output.
Re-aligned to 31dbi grid for line of sight to Johnny
Re-aligned sector for clients to test for los.
Feb 2012 Placed N-cards in steamer gear for greater speeds.
Alignment done for Johnny or IO.
Groove added for a possible link to theG.
OSPF added as well as scripts to allow for clients to connect (not enabled yet).
March 2012 Convered with admins at km meeting and they are happy with the current backbone.
Sector will be activated and start accepting clients once the settings have been inserted.

Added Loskop as the first client to the sector.

May 2012 Connected to Yeti and completed my winch system for my mast.
Maintenance will be much easier now and the mast can stand fully above the roof.
IAlloy joined onto the wug - sxt to grid
Bought a 751G 2.4 Ghz and started running ospf on it as backbone router
Jun 2012 Connect Yen via lan cable
Jul 2012 upgraded 31 dbi grid to 24 dbi Dish
Upgrade box to a Alluminium box to reduce interference from external sources.
IAlloy upgraded his end so sxt to sxt link now.
Aug 2012 Updated mars link to allow a link between sneaki and mars
Sneaki to Mars link running.
Starting running pilgrim's qos scripts to improve overall stability of the link.
Upgrade power to an open frame transformer.
Nov 2012 Alignment to Mars highsite was done to get link stable
Grinder new client has connected to sector.
Pilgrim's QoS are not running on the CTWUG anymore
Dec 2012 Mars gets a 31 dbi Dish to the sneaki -> mars link
July 2013 New toughswitch added to supply power to interfaces a more effeciently
Oct 2013 New ip range and infrastructure re-config
Nov 2013 Bought a UPS to make sure highsite is online when power goes off and to smooth out current to the site rbs
Dec 2013 Added gear to create link to Yeti-Ne node
Jan 2014 Bracket completely broke off from the weight of the gear. Installed a new bracket and updated the pulley system.
Added new Nanobridge to Yeti.
Groove will move to new backbone link.
Sep 2015 Made new connection to Pierre with groove
Nov 2015 Replaced rb to rb433 gear for link to Yeti-Ne node
Dec 2015 Started solar system to move wug gear to free energy
Jan 2016 Added rb8 to another mast. Django connected to rb 8
Sep 2016 Added sector to rb8 on alternative mast. Rb8 ready for more clients
Dec 2016 Added jacquesvdw to sector one
Mar 2017 Dish pointing to Mars upgraded to Dynadish. Old Dish open for new backbone. Two interfaces migrated to solar system.
May 2017 Added new dynadish pointing to KM. RB6 upgraded to include old Panel for clients facing from the north.
June 2017 Moved KM Dynadish to top of pole, additional aligment was done and OSPF has been enabled. Pierre grid was moved down to prioritize KM backbone link.

Wug Upgrades

Here are just some of the upgrades that I have done



Power Upgrade

Winch Upgrade

Pulley System

Backbone Router

Box Upgrade

Dish Upgrade

Power Upgrade again

Bracket Broke

New Bracket

Pulley System Upgraded