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Contact Details

When sending an email for booking the testkit, please include the following

  • Cellphone number
  • Home number
  • Address
  • WIND Node ID

CTWUG Owned Kits

The following persons will be responsible for the kit and you will be required to collect from them if you would like to book it.

@sharkie - Southern Subs / Atlantic Seaboard / Mitchells Plain
@Cheaptrick - Parow/Goodwood/KM/Plattekloof/Botasig/WestCoast-area
@Jypels - Durbanville/Bellville/Brackenfell
@Stiaanm - Kraaifontein/Brackenfell/Kuilsrivier
@rmx - Belhar/Delft/Helderberg

Everyone is welcome to book the kit closest to them. You are allowed to book the kit for a maximum of 7 days although we would appreciate that the kit is returned as soon as possible to allow other people the chance to scan as well.
We hope this will make things easier for everyone looking to join/make new links.

Northern Suburbs

Test kit is kept by:

  • Nick: Sandman
  • Email: billy.stadler@live.com

Current Bookings

Bellville area

  • Responsible Person: Zassie
  • Last Location: Zassie
  • Email: DJZassie@gmail.com

  • Test Kit One: 24dBi Grid + Mikrotik RB133C + Mikrotik POE + LAN Cable
  • Username: admin
  • Password: leave blank


  • Responsible Person: Pine
  • Last Location: Pine
  • Email: Pine = caperebel@gmail.com

Current Bookings

Purpose and rules

The Purpose of the testkit is to be able to test possible/planned links, and to do scans for prospective new Ctwug members.
PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THE FOLLOWING It's is the responsibility of the prospective member to organize with an already connected member to pick up, scan and return the kit to the Manager of the kit.
The Condition of the kit will be inspected upon return of it, and the person that booked and collected the kit will be held responsible and liable for any damages to it. Testkits will be lent out for a period of 3 days.

LOS Pictures and signal tests

• If you are not sure that you have line of sight to a highsite - get on your roof and take HIGH RESOLUTION pictures in every direction, then upload the pictures on www.ctwug.za.net or http://wind.ctwug.za.net/wind/ under your node's (location's) settings.

•Then connect on IRC and post the link to your node's pictures - the guys on IRC can help you check if you will be able to see the highsite. If you can physically see the highsite you are sorted.

Please note that a signal test will not be done if you have not taken pictures from your roof and uploaded them to the gallery. The reason for this is that some people have NO LOS at all either because they are totally surrounded by trees or they stay in a Flat with no LOS to anything.

• Please connect and stay on IRC/CTWUG Chat https://chat.ctwug.za.net/ for quick feedback and response from the signal testers after you have made direct contact with them on email.

• Click THIS LINK for instructions how to go about scanning for access points and other nodes.

Please note that the CTWUG member that books the testkit must pick it up and drop it after 3days.

Please consider

If an admin is requested to do a scan for you then please be considerate with regards to their time and expenses..