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WUG Management System


WMS is an open source HTTP based system to deploy scripts to routers on CTWUG for the purpose of network management. It draws ideas from a former system called NOC.


To provision means to join a router to WMS for remote management. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure your router follows the CTWUG Naming Convention.
  2. Set your router's DNS server to and nothing else.
  3. Follow the steps below that match your router type.


Comment all the interfaces

Please ensure that all interfaces that carry WUG traffic have comments starting with


If you want to add extra information to your comments, please do so after the client;512; part.


Join router to WMS

Open a terminal and type:

/tool fetch url=; /import join.rsc

A successful join transcript looks like this:

 > /tool fetch url=; /import join.rsc
   status: finished
 Opening script file join.rsc
 Script file loaded successfully
 Backing up existing configuration to ctwug-prejoin.backup
 Saving system configuration
 Configuration backup saved
 Disabling connection tracking
 Seeking and destroying old scripts
 Adding script ctwug_discover
 Adding script ctwug_gametime
 Adding script ctwug_global_settings
 Adding script ctwug_cpu_killer_killer
 Adding script ctwug_firewall
 Adding script ctwug_qos
 Adding script ctwug_bootlog
 Adding script ctwug_backup
 Adding script ctwug_update
 Running script ctwug_global_settings
 Running script ctwug_qos
 Adding ctwug_backup to scheduler
 Running script ctwug_firewall
   status: finished
 Opening script file ctwug_firewall.rsc
 Script file loaded and executed successfully
 Running script ctwug_gametime
 Welcome to WMS!
 Script file loaded and executed successfully

If you do not see the "Welcome to WMS!" message, something went wrong. There should be an error message that helps you figure out the problem. Repeat this step once the problem is fixed.

Confirm Queues and Firewall

Please double check that the Queues and Firewall mangle rules have been loaded.

For Queues check that there is a Simple Queue for each interface and for Firewalls check IP->Firewall, Mangle tab, there should be multiple CTWUG rules loaded.


WMS Development

  • View/Fork the github project
  • Join #ctwug-admin.
  • Have a chat with us about your ideas and how to implement them.