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Seesig Flats, Loevenstein

2009 Oct Seesig 200910.JPG

2010 Dec 201012-IO.jpg


RB433 with 27db Grid and R52 Radio pointed to Mars [#5] (, a 19db Panel and R52 Radio pointed to Europa [#225] ( and a 24db Grid and R52 Radio point to TheG [#181] (

Kit purchased from SCOOP


  • Backbone link from Seesig to Europa1 is io-europa1
  • Backbone link from Seesig to Mars is io-mars
  • Backbone link from Seesig to TheG is io-theg

This is a 2.4Ghz Access Point in the Seesig block of flats. If you have picked this up and you are interested to try and connect to it, please contact me with your MAC address and we can try and connect you up.


Currently this site is used to link high sites and do not broadcast.

E-Mail: NyvenZA

If you want to join up check New Users Guide.


AION: You need the game The Game The start up script for the game Startup Script. Place the startup script in the game folder and start the game with it.

Music Server: Subsonic Music Server. Login with user "ctwug" and password "ctwug". Contact me if you want a private account. Music Server

Ubuntu Update Proxy: Forum Post regarding the Ubuntu Update Proxy. Here is the direct posts.

So why IO?